IMG_0024I have an extensive community-focused, service-oriented career at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I work as a Faculty Liaison in the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT). My main role is to strengthen overall partnership between the Sauder School of Business and CTLT. This liaison position was initiated to support UBC’s flexible learning strategic vision. The main goals of the strategy were to ensure faculties are better served and supported. I work collaboratively with all levels of faculty and staff for a broad range of projects. I support innovation in pedagogical and learning design. I conduct needs analyses, plan, organize, manage, monitor, complete, and evaluate projects within allocated time and resources. I am particularly interested in enriching and advancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). I am an experienced educational consultant, learning designer, educational development specialist, and project manager who engages faculty to collaboratively design and integrate technology into instructional courses, curricula, and programs, aiming at enhancing teaching.

I also teach in the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program at UBC. Teaching education professionals gives me ample learning opportunities to become a better educator myself who thinks critically about learning technologies. The various feedback and comments from the learners always make me reflect on my teaching practices and motivate me to become a better creative problem solver. Building on the multiple roles I have held in educational development, I possess a multifaceted perspective, an appreciation of the institutional culture, a deep commitment to educational development, and a current in-depth knowledge of initiatives and innovations in the fields of teaching, learning, and technology in K-12 and higher education environments.

My specific interests are anchored in the area of developing effective, interactive, and flexible learning environments (face-to-face, blended learning, and online distance education). I am also interested in student engagement, personalized learning, critical digital pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), social network analysis in the discussion forum, learning analytics, and designing online assessment (self-peer assessment). My ultimate goal is to contribute to fostering UBC’s world-class pedagogical innovation through a flexible curriculum and adaptable technology.