IMG_6580I achieved a doctoral degree in the field of language education and technology. I hold professional experience that speaks to my strong ability to pursue a constantly evolving path of educational initiatives.

I have collaboratively worked with all levels of student, faculty and staff for a broad range of projects across UBC. I have contributed to many facets of K-12, post-secondary and informal online learning environments including curriculum development, instructional design, professional and teaching development, learning technology integration and institutional planning. Building on the multiple roles I have held in instructional technology, I possess a multifaceted perspective, an appreciation of the institutional culture, a deep commitment to educational development  and a current in-depth knowledge of innovations in the fields of teaching, learning and  technology in higher education. I am dedicated to establishing trust and building holistic relationships, teams and networks with students, staff, faculty and international partners.

With unprecedented challenges for the 21st century, I conceptualize education as the expansion of our imaginations and possibilities by connecting research and theories to teaching and learning practice. This conceptualization is informed by my background (with benefits and struggles as an immigrant), my experience (involvement in equity, diversity, and inclusion; extensive partnerships and networks), as well as more than 20 years as an educator (a classroom teacher, fully online graduate course instructor, and educational researcher on instructional technology).

I hope you can learn something from the following posts and I also want to learn from you. Please feel free to add any comments or feedback.