What I know for sure is that I receive from the world what I give to the world. This is the very reason I try to get along with everyone and make a positive impact on the people I reach or encounter. I believe everything is in a constant cycle where what I put in is returned back to me. Sometimes this happens immediately and noticeably, but other times it occurs in a slow and obscure way. If I am not diligent enough to reflect on myself, what I did, what I said, and how I acted to others, I will not be able to notice the returns. Becoming sensitive to what comes into my life and giving something good to others in return is not always easy but this is what makes myself stronger and happier. To me, life is like a long bridge that connects people with other people. The bridge enables people to travel out of the unknown world. I encounter many people every day. There are some people that I think it would have been better if I had not encountered and there are others that I would like to meet more often. This process of encountering people is shaped differently each time but at the end of the day, knowing someone always gives me invaluable lessons regardless of who it is. I receive back what I did to others and to the world.