My educational and professional persona is deeply rooted in and influenced by a few mentors and role models. I am immensely thankful to my graduate studies supervisor, Dr. Stephen Carey, who led me on a pathway filled with new potential, challenges, accomplishments, and successes that have helped me stand in the position I am in today. Entering a linguistically and culturally different environment, I lost my sense of humour and confidence. However, his care, encouragement and openness towards differences helped me free myself from the uncomfortable shyness and unfamiliar fear of making mistakes. I was always excited to share my ideas with him as I knew his constructive feedback would provide me with a window to an inspiring territory of unknown possibilities. I am also immensely grateful to Dr. Ross King, who opened the door for me to explore teaching, learning, and technology back 20 years ago. His unceasing support significantly contributed to maturing me as an educator. He is witness to the many mistakes I made, the moments where I burst into tears, and the subsequent growth that came afterward for the past 25 years my journey. Dr. Bernard Mohan also hugely inspired me like no one else can. He helped me to discover new possibilities and recognize the importance of filling the gap between theory and practice.

I am ready to collaborate with people in any context as I strongly believe that “two heads are better than one”. I respect people who take actions on what they believe is right as “actions speak louder than words”. I make an effort to keep a positive attitude and zest for learning and openness. I am genuinely interested in people and do care about others. Fortunately enough, I met a role model when I started my career. I learned from Jeff Miller that a great leader doesn’t have to show his/her excellence or superiority by himself but rather inspire and help his members to do their best and pursue their excellence to meet the goal of the team. He keeps a positive attitude. He stays focused on successes rather than failures. I have learned from his mentality on leadership in that when I set priorities.

I have many great people around me. Luckily for me, I got to know Dr. Tim Huh, whose intelligence, inspiration, and genuine support have always held me up and motivated. He has been on my side during the on-going odyssey of mine. His dedication to teaching and learning, humble attitude, and genuine caring for people help me become a wiser and more capable professional. Like a bridge cannot exist without the support of its beams, some of my important works could not have been accomplished without Tim’s support. His thoughtful consideration and encouragement from true colleagueship sustained my spirit. Keeping ithaka in my mind, I desire to become an excellent educator like Tim.

I try to consider the overall well-being of other colleagues and the team’s success above my own. I value an environment that offers scaffolds as needed, and presents opportunities for engagement for mutual benefit. Efforts to have a positive attitude and an altruistic mindset (this is easier said than done!) beyond myself helps me find interest in inspiring and empowering others to grow and form positive and collegial relationships. I am passionate about learning to pursue top-quality work and like to share many important teaching and learning topics with colleagues. These positive attitudes allow me to develop strong relationships with colleagues and help me establish a strong level of trust with various stakeholders. It also allows me to take full responsibility for my work.

I love my community where a common sense of humour is shared, a culture of giving back is encouraged, diversity is respected, and change is sought for improvement. As I received many lessons and inspirations from my mentors, role models, colleagues, and friends, I want to take small steps to give back to the community through various channels.