Teaching Evaluations

Here are student evaluation data samples.

UBC has implemented a new system for collecting student evaluations of teaching data, and has taken this opportunity to change the metrics reported. The results from student evaluations of teaching (SEoT) surveys were released today (as of May 29, 2019). I was excited to see this new report format as well as a new system. More importantly, 20 out of 22 students (90.91% response rate, wow!)  responded to the SEoT survey for ETEC 500 I taught from Jan-April, 2019. I would like to thank you to the students who completed the teaching evaluation survey.

ETEC 500 Research Methodology in Education. Jan-Apr, 2019. Student responses (n=20, 90.91% response rate). Please click HERE to read the evaluation.

ETEC 512 Applications of Learning Theories to the Analysis of Instructional Settings. Sept-Dec, 2017. Student responses (n=23, 70% response rate). My scores are

ETEC 500 Research Methodologies in Education. May-Aug, 2014. Student responses (n=18, 50% response rate). My scores are

ETEC 510 Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments. Jan-Apr, 2010. Student responses (n=17, 76% response rate). My scores are